Within Europe ForestField operates more and more multimodal.
Multimodaal means that for a transport the most optimal combination of truck, ship and train will be used.
By doing so a number of benefits are created, e.g. lower transport cost and Co2 reduction.

At multimodal transportation all types (closed, open top, temperature controlled) and sizes (20 FT, 30 FT, 40 FT & 45 FT) of containers are being used.
Most common however are 40 FT containers (12 meter long) and 45 FT containers (13,60 meters long), since these are, re. the loaded volume, most comparable with standard trailers. Containers can, depending on the type, be loaded from the rear, the side or even from the top. After loading all containers are sealed.

Containers are being loaded at the client on trailers, after which they will be trucked to the nearest terminal. From there the containers will be transported onwards per ship or train to the terminal nearest to the delivery adress. For final delivery the containers will be trucked to the consignee.
In case you have your own containers you can deliver them at your terminal of choice, after which we can handle the rest of the transport on your behalf.

Obviously we can arrange all neccesary documentation, from CMR to export- and importdocuments, customs formalities etc. ForestField Logistics uses clear rates, surcharges and conditions, which you will, at all times, receive in written prior to any booking.

  • Cost efficient
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Moving stock
  • Less vulnerable for traffic and weather conditions
  • No restrictions of driving- and resting regulations
  • Reliable lead times