ForestField Logistics

ForestField Logistics organizes the transport of your cargo, reliable and cost-efficient.
Depending on your demands we choose the most suitable way of transportation.

Within Europe per truck or multi-modal. Worldwide per seafreight and aircargo.
From one pallet upto a full load.

Obviously we can arrange all neccesary documentation.
From CMR to export- and importdocuments, customs formalities etc.

Together with our partners we take care of your transport issues, so you can take care of your business.
ForestField Logistics, reliable, commited, personal.

  • Worldwide forwarding
  • European road transport
  • Multimodal
  • Logistics consultancy

(Nederlands) ForestField Multimodaal voor complete vrachtwagenladingen

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Brexit? Not for Forestfield Logistics!

ForestField Logistics, active in the UK for more than 10 years, expands its operations in Great Britain.

With our existing truck and container services, we offer the possibility of transporting from one pallet to a Full Load between the European mainland and the UK (and vice versa).
Direct from customer to customer, daily and cost-effective.

For storage and distribution in Great Britain, ForestField Logistics uses the hub of her partner in the Midlands, centrally located in the UK.
Here containers and trucks from abroad can be unloaded, the products checked, optionally palletized and stored for short or longer periods of time.

From the Hub, shipments can be distributed throughout the UK within 24 hours.

Vlag NL GBKaart UK

ForestField Logistics partner in logistics for Balaiko Animal Feed

Paardenvoer Balaiko

Balaiko Animal Feed, supplier of high quality, exclusive animal nutrition and supplements, has appointed ForestField Logistics as logistic partner.

Balaiko specializes in high-quality food and supplements for (sports) horses. Within the Netherlands there is a close cooperation with production partner Dommelsche Watermolen. Balaiko is also importer and distributor for Alltech and Paskacheval.

On behalf of Balaiko ForestField collects the shipments from suppliers in e.g. the Netherlands and Great Brittain. These are then delivered to Balaiko’s warehouse or delivered directly to Balaiko’s customers.

Suzan Klaasens and Ralph Eggink, founders and owners of Balaiko &
“We like to convince on the basis of quality and result instead of beautiful words. We offer our customers only exclusive products of guaranteed quality of leading suppliers ”

Balaiko places orders at its suppliers, after which ForestField takes care of the entire logistics route.
ForestField maintains contacts with suppliers and customers regarding loading and delivery data, articles, quantities, documentation, matching of required loading space and the actual transport.

Jeroen Bos, founder and owner of ForestField Logistics :
“We are delighted to offer our expertise to Balaiko. Our companies and mentality fit well together. The Balaiko shipments sometimes require flexibility, speed and creativity, but that makes the cooperation the more fun! We can therefore fully find ourselves in the core values of Balaiko: quality, clarity and service ”

Suzan Klaasens and Ralph Eggink:
“Quality, clarity and service are our motto. The products we offer are of constant, high quality, our suppliers are selected on that. With us an agreement is a real deal, both with our suppliers and our customers. In addition to the high quality of our products and services, we have a high priority for customer statisfaction at Balaiko & The cooperation with ForestField fits perfectly with our motto. They think along with us and see our customers as their customers. They organize our logistics in a cost-effective and very reliable way. For us less to worry and more time for our customers!”


ForestField Logistics weekly full service door-to-door to and from West Africa

Per July 2017 ForestField Logistics offers a weekly FCL/LCL service from and to West Africa.


With weekly departures from The Netherlands and West Africa ForestField now offers clients, besides Full Loads in 20 FT & 40 FT Containers, the possibility to ship smaller consignments in the most
cost-efficient way. Consignments (pallets, loose cargo, spareparts etc.) are being loaded efficiently and safe in standard deepsea containers.

The service is door-to-door, incluides export- and importdocumentation, offers guaranteed transittimes and coverage throughout the whole of West Africa and Nort-Western Europe.

Important destinations on the West Africa Service are Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroun, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Via transshipment other West African countries aswell as South Africa and Mozambique are being served.

Belangrijkste bestemmingen West Afrika

Forestfield Logistics employes first Pacton Flex XL containertrailer

Recently ForestField Logistics has employed the first Pacton Flex XL containertrailer.

ForestField chose Pacton based on the most optimal combination of strength, flexibility and safety.
The trailer is suitable for all sizes of deepsea-containers en will be employed in both the domestic and international roadtransport of deepsea-containers.


Jeroen Bos, founder and owner of ForestField Logistics : “Pacton builds strong, robust trailers and, also important, is based relatively close to us. Furthermore Pacton offered the possibility to custom-build and adjust some items on our trailer, away from the standard solutions. That, combined with the pleasant contact with Pacton sales were reason enough for us to choose Pacton.”

Jan Jacob van Heuvelen, salesmanager Pacton : “ForestField approached us to discuss the possibilities of our Flex-XL containertrailer. Based on their experience in daily business our engineers made some adjustments to our Flex-XL. All in all we have delivered a beautiful, unique trailer to ForestField!”


ForestField Logistics organizes transport datacenter Google Eemshaven

In 2016 Google has started the construction of a new datacenter in the Eemshaven; by mid 2017 the datacenter should be up and running. By then the current datacenter will be replaced and the capacity will have multiplied many times.

Recently ForestField Logistics has organized, in co-operation with her partners, a large amount of transports from Googles current datacenter in the Eemshaven. The larger part of the devices have been transported with sealed box-trailers to a location near Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport, where all goods have been sorted and checked. From there the devices have been shipped via Schiphol and Rotterdam to various locations around the world.

Jeroen Bos, founder and owner of ForestField Logistics : “We are proud to have been asked to become partner in this project. Together we have, within a relatively short preparation-time, managed to finish this project.
All to the full statisfaction of the client!”

Clients about ForestField Logistics

ForestField Logistics competent and involved

Our family-company Honkies stands for highest quality in the traditional Asian cuisine.
Quality and tradition are in the heart of our family, our company.
We only work with the best products, where possible we even make them ourselves, for example our noodles.

Last year we bought a new noodle-machine in Japan.
Forestfield Logistics has taken care of the transport from the supplier in Japan into our restaurant.
They are very competent and helped us very well. Very clear regarding the rules and all that comes along with such a transport. Very involved and a personal update on a regular basis.

And now we make the best and most tastefull noodles in The Netherlands!
Hong Nguyen, Honkies

ForestField Logistics fits the KarTent approach and attitude!”

Jan Portheine, CEO KarTent: “Our product is extremely difficult to transport. It’s vulnerable and has far from standard measurements. Despite all this ForestField Logistics teaming-up with KarTent enabled us to deliver the KarTent safe and cost-efficient to many festivals in Europe.”

The KarTent is a fully recyclable tent, made out of cardboard. It’s mainly used at festivals but also at other (sport)events. The KarTent will stay waterproof for at least five days, even in the worst weather conditions. KarTent is the sustainable alternative for the “normal” tents, which are often left behind at the festivalgrounds, causing massive amounts of non-recyclable waste. After the festival the KarTent will be fully recycled and used as raw material for… Cardboard. KarTent is the creator of and world market leader in recyclable cardboard tents. To find out more about this one-of-a kind company, the unique product and the people behind it please visit

Jan Portheine, CEO KarTent: “At ForestField Logistics we find a one-stop solution for all our logistical issues. Reliable daily European services, sustainable multimodal solutions, tailor-made when needed, throughout Europa but also worldwide. ForestField Logistics fits the KarTent approach and attitude!”

One-stop-shopping important for Noblesse Proteins B.V.

Noblesse Proteins is a young, ultra-modern and sustainable business that processes meat products to high-quality, protein-rich raw materials for the animal feed industry.
The end products, various types of poultry meal with high protein content, are exported worldwide. The final products meet the highest standards, the global market leaders in the industry are our customers.

At Forest Field Logistics, we can at one ‘counter’ go with our logistics issues.
Calculate logistics costs in our buying and selling processes, reliable shipping services and sustainable multimodal solutions, European and worldwide … the team of Forest Field Logistics is flexible, knowledgeable and matches the approach and attitude of Noblesse Proteins.

Siri Marine and ForestField Logistics

Siri Marine BV is an organization that provides services to the Marine Industry worldwide.
The services include Emergency Response to salvage operations all over the world.
Shipment of our equipment are often needed on the salvage location “immediately”!!

ForestField Logistics has proven to be the flexible logistics provider that we need.
Thinking along with our challenges, providing door-to-door services and getting the job done!

For more information about Siri Marine BV, please visit our website