As a forwarder ForestField feels highly responsible for informing her clients as complete as possible.

Doing business, domestic or international, is in the end a matter of trust and awarding.
In good faith you hand over your precious cargo in our hands, we guarantee you the best possible handling of the transportation.

In order to clearify the formal side (responsabilities, liabilities etc.) you can download here the Dutch Forwarding Conditions (FENEX).
The Dutch Forwarding Conditions (FENEX). Are applicable on all services of ForestField Logistics B.V.

International business needs clear agreements on where the responsability of the seller ends and the responsability of the buyer starts.
In order to cover that the INCO-Terms of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) excist since 1936.
INCO-Terms describe in an accurate way the rights and obligations of seller and buyer for the delivery of goods, such as transport, insurance, licences and customs formalities.

As per January 1st 2011 buyer and seller can chose of one of the 11 INCO-Terms as can be dowloaded here.