Forestfield Logistics employes first Pacton Flex XL containertrailer

Recently ForestField Logistics has employed the first Pacton Flex XL containertrailer.

ForestField chose Pacton based on the most optimal combination of strength, flexibility and safety.
The trailer is suitable for all sizes of deepsea-containers en will be employed in both the domestic and international roadtransport of deepsea-containers.


Jeroen Bos, founder and owner of ForestField Logistics : “Pacton builds strong, robust trailers and, also important, is based relatively close to us. Furthermore Pacton offered the possibility to custom-build and adjust some items on our trailer, away from the standard solutions. That, combined with the pleasant contact with Pacton sales were reason enough for us to choose Pacton.”

Jan Jacob van Heuvelen, salesmanager Pacton : “ForestField approached us to discuss the possibilities of our Flex-XL containertrailer. Based on their experience in daily business our engineers made some adjustments to our Flex-XL. All in all we have delivered a beautiful, unique trailer to ForestField!”