ForestField Multimodal for Full Truck Loads

Full Truck Loads (FTL) within Europe are being organized by ForestField Logistics more and more on a Multimodal way. Multimodal basicly means that the most optimal combination of truck, ship and rail is being used. This brings some major advantages, e.g. lower rates and C02-reduction.

13:60 Curtainsided trailers (L 13.60 x B 2.45 x H 2.65) are being used for this traffic; these can be loaded from the rear, both sides aswell as via the roof. Trailers are being loaded with trucks at the shipper, than driven to the closest terminal. From there the trailers go by ship and/or train to the terminal closest to the consignee. Final delivery at the consignee will be done by truck. Obviously we can arrange all neccesary documentation, from CMR to export- and importdocuments, customs formalities etc.

Multimodal :

 Cargo-weight upto 29 tons possible
 Lower transport cost per ton

Environmentally concious
 Reduction CO2-footprint

Optimal combination truck, ship, train
 Less trucks on the road
 Largest part of the route via ship and/or train
 Guaranteed capacity

Direct transport without crossdocking
 Cargo is not crossdocked but remains in trailer as loaded by shipper
 Trailer incl. cargo from truck to ship/train to truck
 Certified lashing-system

Less sensitive for weather and traffic
 Not limited by weekend driving restrictions and legal driving- and restingtimes
 Not limited by traffic jams, road works etc.
 Less sensitive for weather conditions

Reliable transittimes
 Fixed departure- and arrival days